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Hi all,

I am sad but also excited to inform you I have MOVED THIS BLOG over to WHOLESOMEKAY.COM.

My decision to move was due to re-branding, simply put. Whilst I was overseas I had a lot of time to think about the type of ‘blogger’ I wanted to be .. and for me that’s an honest, inspiring and educating one. To do this I had to create a space which was reflective of my plant-based and wholesome lifestyle, and I feel Body of Nature didn’t show this and restricted me to the type of topics and recipes I could post.

IN SAYING THIS I will still be posting regular and interesting posts similar to ones I have already written but with a wider variety of recipes to accompany my newly adopted plant-based diet, such as chickpea cookies, brownies, pumpkin pancakes, banana ice-cream, sweet potato + lentil casserole, gluten and dairy free chocolate cheesecake and many many more; and topics which cover holistic health, fitness, advice, recipe submissions, beauty and resources, to name a few. I also aim in sharing alot more of my personal stories too.

I want to make WHOLESOME KAY a happy, fun and healthy place for all foodies, health goers and anybody who may be or have started their new health journey. So I THANKYOU for your love and kindness on Body of Nature and once again, would love for you to join me and be apart of on this new adventure at WHOLESOME KAY by following/re-following and spreading the word ūüôā


– Love, Kaelli

p.s – you can still find me on instagram at @wholesome.k


DIY Body Scrub: Gurl look at that body!

Burning a hole in your pocket because your always purchasing expensive manufactured body scrubs and lotions?

Lets admit it, dry and flaky skin is pretty disgusting and can be quite distracting when your hanging around in shorts and singlets, or at the beach having a conversation and its the only thing you notice! Right, ladies?.. No? Okay, maybe its just me… Anyway… you better¬†go buy yourself a money tin for those savings, and keep reading, because¬†I’m about to show you how you¬†can MAKE YOUR¬†OWN BODY SCRUB¬†for less than $9!¬†(if you¬†don’t have the ingredients already)

One thing I always do is look after my skin, but sometimes when I’m not at home and don’t have access to my collection of products or if there is a dramatic change in weather and all I want to do is enjoy the sun, I forget to cleanse and hydrate my skin.

This is why I wanted to create something I could always have in my handbag, is storable, will last a couple months, hydrates and exfoliates my skin together and of course, smells great! I have attempted so many different combinations and each one was either too watery, smelt foul, went mouldy within a a few days or didn’t have any effect on the skin whatsoever. So you could say I was a little excited when I found a combination which worked. The end result?¬†Gurl look at that body¬†Body Scrub.

Why was Gurl look at that body Body scrub the one?:

    • The combination of brown sugar & coconut oil exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling silky, fresh and soft while targeting cellulite, blackheads, removing any excess dead skin¬†or dirt and hydrating the skin.
    • Fatty acids in coconut oil mimics the same effects of antioxidants; preventing and reversing free radical damage on the skin for a younger-looking appearance.
    • Aloe Vera regenerates skin epithelium and fights inflammation, leaving skin smooth. It also¬†soothes skin from sunburn and irritations.
    • Vitamin E stimulates the formation of collagen (skin protein) to improve skin texture and strengthen the connective tissue underneath the skin.

DIY ‘ Gurl look at that body’ Body Scrub

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What you need:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ¬Ĺ cup coconut oil (or olive oil)
  • 1 tbs aloe vera gel (from plant to tube)
  • ¬ľ honey

How to apply:

  1. Mix sugar, oil, honey & aloe vera gel in a bowl
  2. Using 1 tablespoon at a time, scoop the Gurl look at that body body scrub into our palms and rub until loosened (10 seconds)
  3. Apply scrub and rub onto WET skin for 1-3 minutes
  4. Rinse off with warm water
  5. Store leftovers in a dark cool place for up to 2 months.

TIP: Replace brown sugar with oats for a gently baby scrub!

FACT: The rubbing action boosts circulation and increases blood flow to the skins surface for better hydration.

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Enjoy X