Finding myself – Why I took a break from blogging!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all having a much needed weekend or if you’re at school, beginning to holidays.

As you may or may not have noticed I’ve been very absent from social media the last couple months, posting every now and then on Facebook or limiting uploads on Instagram. As much as I’d like to say it was because I was overseas laying on the islands of Bora Bora drinking a few non-alcoholic cocktails (oh what a dream) , I’d be lying. The truth is, I lost all (well most, anyway) motivation and inspiration to keep Body Of Nature* running, and struggled with my own expectations.

The last eight months have been the toughest, personally and privately. I have such high expectations of myself and when I don’t meet them I get disappointed with myself and feel like I’ve failed – a fear always sitting in the back of mind. When I first started blogging I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share my experiences, but as I got further into the blogging world, I lost myself, focus, vision and what I really wanted Body of Nature* to be – an honest, fun, positive and healthy space with recipes and lifestyle inspiration. I also started doubting my choice of Body Of Nature* as a blog name. Was it creative enough? Was it catchy? What do people really think of when they hear it? Do they like what I post? Questions I didn’t know how to get the answers to. So I made three other accounts and ran those WITH Body of Nature*

There were times where all I wanted to do was delete ALL my accounts. But I didn’t, for some reason.. even though I was confused about what I wanted and was scared to PHYSICALLY put my entire self out for the world to read about, see and ultimately judge. All I knew… I needed a break to escape from everything and just focus on my health! In this time I also wanted to take the time to research, get to know and teach my self a few things I wanted to know more about, including food photography, that would help me grow and improve! And that’s what I did,  between visiting my mum in hospital.

I spent most nights researching blogging essentials and other blogs for inspiration. I went through Pinterest first and from there I found some awesome blogs like A Beautiful Mess that had very useful tips and tricks. I also taught myself a little professional food photograph using tools and learning all about camera settings, and dropped by some op shops looking at props I could use. I’m still in the middle of concepts and idea making for a new website design, but for now, I’m ready and excited to return and get back to what I love most – sharing my love of food and nutrition!

I just want to say THANKYOU so much for supporting Body of Nature* so far and My hope is that you love whatever I’m sharing and it brings some love, kindness, peace, joy, maybe even a little laughter, and inspiration into your life.  All I ever wanted is to inspire others to be healthy and happy and if that’s what I’m doing, then I must be doing something right!

I look forward to writing and creating some more!

Love Kaelli xxx



M y mum is back home and is doing well!

And I hash (*) Body of Nature because I thought of a name change to something a little more personal – Her Lifestyle PlateWhat do you think? Should I stick with it or go for something new? Id love to hear what you think below, in the poll!



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