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Have you ever wondered how to get your butt looking FIRM, LIFTED and  INCREDIBLE in your pair of new skinny leg jeans, nike gym sweats or body con dress WITHOUT weights or the gym? Wellllll these challenges may just get you the HOTTEST booty in town!

I’ve done every single one of the challenges and TRUST ME, your legs and gluteus may burnnnnn, but it works! In less than a month!

I highly recommend you follow each day exactly to get the best results but If you need to take a break, take it.. Also, its important that your squatting with the right technique to avoid muscle tears, pain and injury so don’t try and rush through the sets, take your time and stretch afterwards! Here are my squat tips:

  1. Stabilise your spine. Keep your spine neutral, shoulders relaxed and chest up. Don’t curve your back OR arch it as this can cause tightness in the upper back and make  ‘returning to stand phase’ difficult.
  2. Sit back. Don’t squat through your knees. Have your heels flat on the ground, your knees hip width apart (unless your doing sumo squats- 2 feet apart)  push your bum and hips back and squat until your knees reach inline with your toes. (Think of sitting on the toilet). This helps to activate your hamstrings, gluteus maximus and minimus, work your rectus abdominals  and generate more burn for a stronger booty!

* If you don’t feel comfortable going freelance, use a chair or bench for guidance. (check out my video demonstration here)

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.02.21 pm3. Squeeze. Make sure your squeeeeeeeeeeeeze your buttocks tight. Why? extra burn = extra muscle emphasis = firmer butt = bigger booty = now is the time to where hot pants

Happy Squatting! …. Oh, and as Ryan Reynolds says…. Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.04.49 pm

For more booty building tips and exercises, follow Body of Nature Nutrition on: Instagram:@bodyofnature | Facebook: BodyOfNatureNutrition 

Kayleigh, x


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