400 Calorie 27 Minute Workout Thats Set To Get You Sweating

After enjoying holidays and completing week one of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) using Kayla Itsines guides, I’m feeling fresh, eager and ready to go again for week two.

Ever since I started this and joined nearly 1.9 million others, I’ve learnt so much and can’t believe how much fun I am having! At first I struggled a little with some of the exercises but I made it and felt so good afterwards! I’m already seeing results and its only week two! So proud of myself!

I find her 27 MINUTE WORKOUTS (yep, less time than it would take to walk the block and back) to be challenging but very convenient with juggling work, uni and other commitments as I can do it in my backyard, a park, the gym- anywhere! On average according to my Polar watch, I burn roughly 400 calories per session– Now, that, is  some kind of a sweaty workout!

Kayla’s guide goes for 12 weeks and is broken up into sections: Weeks 1-4 , Weeks 5-8 and Weeks 9-12.  The program begins with smaller challenges, then ramps you up over the following weeks, to higher levels to allow body progression and changes (aim of progress photos), and to help avoid hitting a plateau.

3 times a week you complete a 27 MINUTE resistance workout using your bodyweight (and light weight dumbbells where noted) and the remaining 2 days, a 35-45 minute LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) session (walking) and/or a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) depending on which week you are in. A Rehabilitation session for fasten recovery is also scheduled for once a week separately or after a bodyweight circuit.

You can also buy her nutritionist approved H.E.L.P plan (I highly recommend) for nutritional advice on what to eat, why eating the right foods are paramount, and why portion sizes are important for getting results.

I honestly highly recommend anyone who struggles to find time to workout or make it to the gym because of work; has hit a palateu; struggling with sport or daily nutrition; or loves a challenge, to give BBG a go! No, this is not a paid testimony. No, I do not know Kayla personally. Yes, I love what I see and therefore believe in the product. Its the best decision I have made so far in 2015. I cannot wait to see the progress in 3 months!

You can purchase the guides and packages by clicking here and learn a little more about Kayla and how she got started here.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.12.00 pm

I plan on doing another update in about 6 weeks time with how I am going and (hopefully) with some progress pictures. In the meantime, I’d for you to follow my journey as I go on it by following me on Instagram and subscribing to receive my newsletter.

Happy Monday everybody! Im now off to complete week two, legs and cardio!…. Lets do this!

Kayleigh, x


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